Tour de Biere 2014

2014’s Tour de Biere is now two rides!  Choose one or both!

Tour de Biere 2014 Flyer

The 2014 East Bay Tour de Biere

A lot of new breweries have set up shop in the East Bay recently.  We excited to host two rides during this year’s San Francisco Beer Week to be able to visit more breweries and to raise even more funds for the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.  We are offering the opportunity to enjoy multiple brewery tours from skilled master brewers and complimentary tastings and discounts from our participating breweries.  The EBBC  is an organization that promotes safe, convenient and enjoyable cycling in the East Bay.  We have raised more than $3200 for the EBBC to date and are looking forward to continuing our tradition with your support.

Short ride (Day One):

Have a crisp pilsner followed by some barrel aged sours and some Oakland-brewed common lager.

This day will consist of a ride from Trumer Pils in Berkeley to the Rare Barrel to Linden Street Brewery.  This is a mellow 7 mile ride and will cost $20 and is on Saturday, February 8th.

bike map link for day one


(Hey! It looks like we’re sold out.  In the past, some people have cancelled.  You can join the wait list to be notified if this happens.)



Longer ride (Day Two):

Have you checked out the new Sierra Nevada Torpedo room?  Or how about Alameda’s new brewery on the naval base with a gorgeous view of San Francisco?

Starting from Pyramid in Berkeley, we will head to Sierra Nevada’s new Torpedo room, then through Oakland and onto Alameda to visit Faction brewing.  Then, we will cross the island and ride to San Leandro to finish at Drake’s.  This is a 29 mile ride on Sunday, February 16th, and will cost $30.  Between the beering and riding, this is a much longer day than the short ride.  The ride will end after the sun sets, so bring lights!

bike map link for day two


(Hey! It looks like we’re sold out of this ride too.  In the past, some people have cancelled.  You can join the wait list to be notified if this happens.)




(may be subject to change)

[table delimiter=”|” terminator=”~~”]

Short Ride|

Longer Ride~~

Saturday, February 8th, 2014|Sunday, February 16th, 2014~~

  • 10:00am: Trumer Pils
    • Check in at Trumer Pils
    • Tabling by East Bay Bicycle Coalition
    • Coffee from Bicycle Coffee Company
    • Breakfast snacks
    • Brewery tour
    • Complimentary tasting
  • 12:15pm: The Rare Barrel
    • Brewery tour
    • Beers available for purchase from tasting room
  • 2:10pm: Linden Street Brewery
    • Brewery tour
    • Complimentary tasting
    • Food from Dopo available for purchase|
  • 9:30am: Pyramid Alehouse
    • Check in at Pyramid Alehouse
    • Tabling by East Bay Bicycle Coalition
    • Coffee from Bicycle Coffee Company
    • Breakfast Snacks
    • Guided tasting
  • 11:35am: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room
    • Guided 4-beer tasting
  • 2:50pm: Faction Brewing
    • Brewery tour
    • Other stuff TBD
  • 5:40pm: Drake’s Brewing
    • Brewery tour
    • 12-oz take-home beer!


Saving the Route

You can view the above routes on your PC or by using the bikemap app:



The Bikemap app is a little hokey.  If you haven’t already signed up for an account and added the route, do the following:

  • For Day One:
    • Once the app is installed, select “Nearby” and type in the address of Trumer Pils: 1404 4th St, Berkeley, CA
    • Select the “Tour de Biere 2014 – Day 1 – Short” map.  Make sure you select that map and not a different one!
    • The route should now be added to your route collection.
  • For Day Two:
    • Do the same as above, but use the address for Pyramid: 901 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA.  Make sure the name of the ride is “Tour de Biere – Day 2 – Long”

If you know how to work with GPX files, you can download them here:

Tour de Biere 2014 – Day 1 – February 8th, 2014 – Short Ride – GPX file

Tour de Biere 2014 – Day 2 – February 16th, 2014 – Long Ride – GPX file

We will also be providing cue sheets for riders on the day of the ride.

Getting there and getting home

We highly encourage everyone to ride your bike or take public transit to all starting and ending points.

Trumer Pils and Pyramid Alehouse are both less than a 10 minute ride from the North Berkeley BART.

Drake’s brewing is a mellow 12 minute bike ride from San Leandro BART (please take the bike-friendly Williams St. rather than Davis St.), and Linden Street Brewery is a 3 minute ride from West Oakland BART and a 5 minute ride to Oakland’s 12th Street City Center BART.

We are not looking to make a scene, so please bike safely and be friendly.  We’re out here to ride our bikes and enjoy some good brews with our fellow beer drinkers, brewers and cyclists.

You must be 21 or older to attend this event.  We will be riding rain or shine!

Day of the ride

  • Bring Your ID – Your ID is your ticket. You don’t need to print anything out. We’ll be checking 21-and-overness and crossing your name off the attendee list as you check-in.
  • Bring Water and Snacks – You’ll want to hydrate between breweries, and you may want to munch on some food along the way.
  • Bring Tools and Flat Fixing Gear – You don’t want to be left behind because you couldn’t fix your tube.
  • Bring Lunch Money – Dopo will be vending at Linden Street on Day 1, so lunchtime noms will be available for purchase.  We are working out lunch arrangements for Day 2.
  • Bring a Lock – Some breweries will have places for us to store our bikes, but some will require us to park in the street.
  • Bring Lights – Depending on how long you want to stay at Linden Street on February 8th, it may be dark.  By the time we’re done at Drake’s on February 16th, the sun will have already set.
  • The Day 1 route is 7 miles long.  The Day 2 route is 29 miles long – This might be a lot or a little to you. Plan accordingly.
  • Preview the route and download the GPS map (if you’re tech savvy) – See the maps and GPX links above!
  • Follow @thegrandcru on twitter – We’ll be using the twitter to communicate to the group throughout the day, so you should follow us. We will use the event hashtag #tdb2014 to communicate with the rest of the group.

If you’d like to see the page for past Tour de Bieres: 2013, 2012, 2011

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