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May’s Ride | Novato & Moylan’s Brewing

This month we’ll be visiting Moylan’s – the sister brewery of Marin Brewing (which we visited last spring). Moylan’s is home to such favorites as the awesomely named Hopsickle. I’ve never been but it seems they usually have about a dozen or so of their beers on tap so you’re bound to find something you’re into.

The ride’s going to be a little longer and hillier than usual, but it’s nothing you guys can’t handle. As usual, we’ll work to make sure everyone gets back to Moylan’s safe and sound.

Bike route 466842 – powered by Bikemap 

If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the doodle poll by clicking on the Participate link below and marking your availability. This’ll allow us to pick a date that will work for the maximum number of people.

Please mark your availability by Tuesday, May 4. That evening I’ll post the finalized date and carpoool information.

Get doodlin’

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