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January’s Ride: Speakeasy and Oyster Point

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
1195 Evans Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
Saturday, January 21st
Meet at 1:30p, roll out at 2:00p

A very happy 2012 to the Grand Cru!

Speakeasy Brewery has been a San Francisco institution for over a decade. It is probably the second best known SF brewery after Anchor, and they make some fantastic beers. Until recently, the brewery was only open to the public on Friday nights, which prevented us from organizing a ride there. Luckily, they recently decided to open their doors on Saturdays as well, so we will start the new year with a visit to the Big Daddy of SF brewing.

The last Grand Cru ride was an adventure, to say the least. Between the slippery roads, ridiculously steep climbs, mud pits, wild animals, and the nearby artillery range (no kidding), we were lucky to make it through in one piece. This month we take it easier with a nice ride to Oyster Point and back. The route is mostly quiet city streets with some lovely scenery. Here’s the ride:

This ride should be great for shaking off the holidays and getting back in the saddle. We hope to see you there!


June’s Ride | San Francisco & Social Kitchen and Brewery

June’s Ride | San Francisco & Social Kitchen and Brewery
Social Kitchen and Brewery
1326 9th Avenue, San Francisco
Sunday, June 26th
Meet at 11:30a, roll out at 12:00p

This month we’ll be visiting the newest kid on SF brewing scene, Social Kitchen & Brewery. Their focus is on beers that are food-friendly and full of flavor. It turns out not everything has to clock in at 10% and have gobs and gobs of hops. Their beers are neat and their space is great.

Here’s the ride:

Bike route 540947 – powered by Bikemap 

As usual, I would encourage everyone to take public transit to Social Kitchen. The 16th/Mission BART station is a half hour ride away.

July’s Ride | San Francisco & Gordon Biersch

This month we’ll be heading to the city and visiting Gordon Biersch. The Biersch (I don’t think anyone actually calls it that) focuses on lagers, something that’s pretty rare in craft beer these days. If you think lager = bland yellow fizzy water, I would recommend you join us this month.

The ride’s going to be based off of an old San Francisco Chronicle article. The ride’s titled “The Outer Limits” and was designed around a simple premise: stick as close to the water’s edge as possible. Lucky for us Gordon Biersch is located on the Embarcadero with a wonderful view overlooking the Bay Bridge. We’ll be congregating at the Biersch in the morning and returning there to rehydrate post-ride.

Bike route 551977 – powered by Bikemap

If you’re interested in joining us, meet us at the Biersch on Saturday at 1130. We’ll be rolling out promptly at noon. The Embarcadero BART is just a few blocks away so I would encourage all of you to take public transit. See you on Sunday!