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Photos from April’s Ride | Tied House and Los Altos Hills

April’s ride was sunny and relatively warm and featured the Tied House in Mountain View.

pre-ride photo


We had a pre-ride snack from Hong Kong Bakery and Cafe.   Pork and custard buns and sticky rice.



Checking out the route prior to the ride



and we’re off



starting the ascent



climbing moody rd


at the top of moody.  it was a pretty good ascent.



pit stop at the alpine inn in portola valley



formerly rossotti’s



a mid-ride burger



and tetris



we rode by Stanford on the way back and made a bit of a wrong turn (my bad).  But, horseys.




and a post ride burger


April’s Ride | Tied House and Los Altos Hills

The Tied House
954 Villa Street, Mountain View
Saturday, April 30th
Meet at 11:30a, roll out at 12:00p

Welcome back folks! We got rained out of a ride last month, but April has been treating us nicely, so it’s time to blow the dust off our bike seats and get out on the road again.

This month we will be heading out of the Tied House in Mountain View. The ride is a 28 mile scenic loop through the Los Altos Hills. If that sounds a little too intense after a few months of hibernation, don’t worry – there are several shortcuts available for anyone who wants to take it a little easier. Here’s the ride:

Bike route 901568 – powered by Bikemap 

I’ve set up a poll to see which day works for the most people. Please click the link below to vote if you would like to participate in the ride. The poll will close on Monday, April 18th.


Finally, the Tied House is a couple of blocks from the Mountain View Caltrain station, so I encourage everyone to take the train if possible.

Hope to see you there!