March 2012: Russian River (RIDE CANCELLED)


We will be rescheduling this ride to April, date TBD.

Russian River Brewing Company
Saturday, March 31 2012
Meet at 1130 | Roll Out at Noon
725 4th St, Santa Rosa


We limit ourselves to one Russian River visit per calendar year. That usually means we’re back there in January. It’s already March…we’ve been slacking.

Russian River probably doesn’t need much introduction. If you’re a hophead you’ve probably had your fair share of Pliny the Elder. If you’re into sours – Russian River has one of the best barrel aged sour programs in the world. Long story short: they’re my favorite brewery in the area.

Colin’s planned a 27 mile loop around Annadel State Park. It should be somewhat leisurely if the weather cooperates.

Bike route 1448596 – powered by Bikemap

Unfortunately the public transit options up to Santa Rosa are limited so I would recommend carpooling with your Cru mates.

I’ll see you all in a couple weeks.


P.S. The day before the ride Russian River will be releasing their latest batch of Beatification. (Coincidence?) It hasn’t been around in years so lets all keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that they don’t sell out of all 1,000 cases the day before.

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